Unbalanced Meals

Unbalanced Meals

Unbalanced meals we were always told to not do. We need to decide for ourselves if that’s right or wrong.

Unbalanced Meals

We do not need to eat  a “balanced meal”

Each time we sit down to dine.

Our bodies will pool the extra nutrients

Much like it pools excess fat.


And it will call on these stores

As needed.

If not found when wanted,

That which is essential will be cannibalized—

Maybe it will take calcium from the bones.


The brain is the tyrant,

And is the greatest thief;

Will take what it needs,

It will not be concerned of the cost to all the others.


Water and oxygen are the big problems,

As they are difficult to store,

And the brain suffers first.

But we are not addressing these.


Trace elements are our concern here.

Copper, silver, magnesium, iodine,

The list is very long and some are exotic.

Others are just plain things like iron.


Our food might be deficient in these trace elements.

It might have been grown on depleted land,

Or grown in water, as in hydroponics,

And devoid of many trace elements.


Eat a wide variety of brightly colored food,

Eat things like fruits, berries and vegetables.

Watch out for processed foods

Possibly doctored with artificial colorings,

Your eyes and nature will know how.


This need not be rocket science.

Just pick and choose.

Dark leafy vegetables,

Brightly colored fruit and berries,


No need to eat a bushel at one time.

A dozen blueberries will do the job.

A couple of strawberries several times a month

Will keep the storehouse supplied.


Each to his own liking,

But I will go for a good steak;

Although a cheap chuck roast will do just fine.

Ground beef too, is loaded

With the things that I want,

In my diet.


Now and then.

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