The Twelve Year Cycles of live


For many years I followed Rudolf Steiner and his teachings of seven year Cycles of life. Now I accepted The American Institute  for Learning and Development concept of twelve year cycles This work with. Thomas Armstrong PHD., has a newer field of study that emphasizes twelve year cycles. This is easier to follow and is more to my liking for my purposes here in this work.

Our lives consists of definite cycles of change

From birth we are one with mother until about six years of age. We then approach puberty and the big change–into adolescence. We grow hair under our arms, and other private places. Young men may be proud of their beards. They may be anxious to march off to war to show their manhood.

The twelve years cycles of human change.

  • The first twelve year cycle of life ends at puberty.
  •  The second cycle begins at puberty and ends at maturity 
  • The third cycle begins around 24 years and ends around 35 years of age.
  • The fourth cycle of life brings us to the halfway point and second childhood.

WE continue into Phase three at or about 24 years of life

We grow our frontal brain lobes at,or about, 29 years of life

At about29 years of life we  may be referred to as adults. We can now think as adults. We are 

truly full grown with a complete brain and soon will enter our third phase of life and be approaching the halfway point of life. we come part of the outside community. We may even get serious about our local fire department and our community.

We might now accept our place in the big community.

In our third twelve-year cycle we learn to accept that we do have warts and blemishes. We are likely to want to change our posture and our  world and may decide to start taking care of our bodies by getting a face lift and/or going to the gym. 

We will now proceed to our midlife upheavals.

We may now look around and notice the world marching past us. We see our children growing up and leaving home.

We know the empty nest is near.If we haven’t kept our mate near, we might notice other attractive people. We are not ready to jump out of marriage yet; we are too busy. 

Now we approach the fourth cycle, and uneasy area of our life and “The midlife crisis”, which can spell disaster. This happens when we see the light at the end of the tunnel and we realize it is a freight train. We come face to face with the reality that  life does have an end.

 Our body and brain are changing

Each twelve year cycle brings us a new mindset and new body. The fifth cycle brings much reflection and new needs–physical and mental.

We will go into more detail in the future writings on new cycles.

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