Tension, anxieties, frustrations and fears

Tension, anxieties, frustrations and fears

Excess tension can tear us apart

Muscle tension can literally tear us apart. If we are tense our muscles are under a workload even when we think we are resting. We are tired after a night that should be a restful time for our bodies and our minds.

We really should put our thoughts into this moment and drop the problems of yesterday and those that may come tomorrow.

Reduce the unneeded tension

My old karate instructor said, “You can’t get speed out of a body that is tense.” He meant that if there is tension you have co-contraction of the muscle that is sending a kick forward and the one that will pull the leg back. You have preloaded your muscles. That won’t work well.

Causes of excess attention

  • Tension: We should have a minimum workload on our muscles that are not being used. When we are working we really should only be using the muscles that are required—and we should only be using them to the extent needed.(1)
  • Posture: If we keep our posture as close as possible to gravity-neutral we can get through the day with minimal fatigue. Our central nervous system wants to keep us upright—and it will do that with very little help. We only need to relax and not overpower the balances that the internal gyroscope in our head is struggling to maintain. Always try to keep in a gravity-neutral position. (2)
  • Fears of tomorrow and regrets of yesterday: Other than a healthy respect for our obligations and due diligence for necessities, we must let the world revolve and let the future come. We can’t solve all problems before they happen. We are ready for the monsters that we fear most—those that bite us are the ones that slip under the radar.
  • Anger: Put aside the insults, fears and regrets. Keep this moment for your present use. That way we make the best use of our “Now.” This moment is our life.

Eat some apple pie and make the best of today—even though we have fears of tomorrow.

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