A talent is something given to you from the beginning. What you do with it is the choice you have to make. Will you use it and prosper. Maybe you will just hold on to it never sharing it with the world. What benefit does it provide when you don’t use it?

A talent is different from a skill. Skills you learn as you grow. Sometimes skills come along later in life when you choose to learn something new and different.


A wise man left town and didn’t want to carry his money

He entrusted some to each of his three manservants


The first invested his share wisely and prospered

The second man invested carefully but made no profit

The third hid his share to protect it from thieves


When the merchant returned, he accosted the three

And told the first man that he did well

And would be trusted with more in the future


The second man was cautioned and was told

That he would not be given money in the future

Because he did not know how to use money


The third man became reprimanded and called a fool

He would not be entrusted in the future

And when the winds of famine blow he will suffer


If you hide your light under a bushel, you shall not prosper

Take the gifts that the almighty endowed you with and make them shine

Discover your latent talents and make them work


To him who prospers, shall receive

He knows how to wisely use time, energy and money

And he shall do much good for God and Man


What is true for your ability will seem to you like child-play

Because you will enjoy doing the thing that you are good at

You will not think of it as work

It will be fun and you will wonder that others will pay for your efforts


If you do not prosper you cannot pay taxes

You can’t tithe the church

And you can’t help the sick

And you will be a burden unto the world

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