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wild man chewing for a healthy bodyWild Man Chewing for a Healthy body

When I chew my food my taste buds tell my digestive track what is coming. This is important because the stomach must get ready for the important job of digesting and sending the food to the intestines.

Building Strong Core Muscles For Health And Beauty

The strength of your body, including your back, resides in a strong core. These gentle exercises will indeed build a strong core.

Digestion In The Healthy Large IntestineDigestion In The Healthy Large Intestine

The partially digested food is passed to me from the small intestine for further processing by trillions of bacteria. It now undergoes fermentation. Healthy Large Intestine

Resistance Training for HealthResistance Training For Health

Basic foods and a good exercise program are within our reach. We only need to do a little more each day toward our individual goals.

Neck Ligaments Of SteelNeck Ligaments Of Steel

Our neck is not just a pedestal for holding the head. Blood, nerves, food, air and the powerful brain all depend on us having a healthy neck.