Super Salads And A Silver Spoon For Health And Vitality


Now let’s talk about Super Salads and a Silver spoon for Health and Vitality. Take a nice step into your future by eating a super-salad with a silver spoon.

Silver plated spoons and forks are available and don’t cost much—especially when compared to medicine and poor health. Furthermore, you will get the necessary silver from the spoon or fork to supply your body with the needed trace element of silver. I buy mine at a local flea market.

An Exciting Adventure

I am inviting you onto an exciting voyage—the voyage into your future.

The healthy old goat says: “You can take a giant step toward healthy living by eating basic raw greens with a silver-plated spoon or fork.” As a matter of fact, I am 79-years old and no medications, no supplements, no aches or pains. I pretty well know of which I speak.

My grandson Brent was here for Christmas. I gave him a super salad to take on the road. Also, I gave him a silver tablespoon and told him “A man doesn’t eat super salads with a fork.” You must have a large spoonful of food for the back taste buds to get involved—as they should. They tell the stomach “Here it comes. I approved it.” Those taste buds at the back of the tongue either reject the food or they tell the stomach what to get ready for.

super salads can be made from fruits and non-starchy vegetables that you have on hand.

Health and vitality come from your food. Be nice to your body and mind.

Super-salads can be eaten for any meal. Furthermore, I sleep well on fare of this sort. Also, I even dream about pretty ladies.

I made that super-salad with celery, green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, green-beans, garlic, red onions, raw sauerkraut, kimchi, sesame seeds, blueberries, bitter apricot extract and olive oil. Additionally, I cut it into small pieces. This kind of food is loaded with energy and travels well.

Super Salads Without Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are bulky and I save them for other salads.

Onions and garlic are delicious and nutritious, and are important. However, some folks (especially those in mating season) avoid them because of the smell.

Use your imagination on your choice of dressing. I personally don’t like commercial dressings. Also, throw in some nuts, cranberries–an important food, raisins, sprouts or whatever is available. Avoid things like eggs and mayonnaise. Especially, if you don’t have refrigeration available within a few hours.

The produce had a long road to our kitchen table. This is especially true  in Ohio in January. Most, if not all, of our produce has been kept fresh-looking with various chemicals like sulfites. I don’t want sulfites in my diet. Wash your “fresh” produce in a solution of apple cider vinegar or peroxide and plain water. Rinse them in plain water—unless you don’t mind the vinegar taste. There are various vegetable washes on the market but I worry about them too.

Prepare this salad several days ahead. No need to purchase the ingredients in bulk. If you buy pre-cut stuff, be sure to decontaminate it with a good washing.

The smaller that you cut them, the less chewing you must do. The rough food keeps your gums healthy and chewing helps begin the digestion—makes the stomach and body happy.

You can march armies on this kind of food. It surprised me how many super-athletes, like ultra-marathoners and other people who make rigorous demands on their bodies, are vegetarians.

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