Sunburn and Cancer

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Sunscreen lotions can cause cancer

About 60 years ago our government decided sun tanning will kill us. I think they made that decision based on the ‘fact’ that a lot of people had recently moved from the farms to the cities, where they rarely saw the sun–even on bright sunny days; and the sun never saw them.. They had become “ milky-white’ and burned with little exposure to the sun. Many local, state and federal laws were passed to protect these (inner-city people), We, who live in the sunshine, must now bow to those who never see the sun.)

A new industry was born. We were instructed, no, basically ordered, to slather the approved suntan lotion all over our bodies anytime we were exposed to that killer-sun. Now, many experts believe that our various sun protection products cause more cancer than we would otherwise have.

  • What goes on the skin goes in the skin.
  • Alternative methods to protect us from the sun.
  • The cure is worse than the disease

What  Goes on the Skin

We have about 5 million pores in our bodies; about 20,000 are on our face. These are hungry little mouths that expel waste and help regulate temperature. They bring in an estimated 16 percent of our       oxygen. The many chemicals that are in our modern suntan lotion do not belong in my blood

Other methods of protection, instead of commercial Lotions

A good concept is to use natural oils as protection. Olive oil is a good bet, although it can be a little messy–as can most commercial lotions.

Suntan Danger

Many learned doctors do agree
The sun on my skin is healthy
And synthesizes the vitamin D
A good tan on my body

I love to see
As I lie in the sun
A throwback to the ancient past
My primitive brain relaxes
My modern brain does too

I slather on some olive oil
And bask in the sun for a while
Careful not to overdo the first few rays
The exposure time must be short

The intensity of the rays
And who I am
And where I be
Don’t want to burn
You see

Must not wash off
The natural body protection
Must tolerate the smell
For a few days
While the skin browns

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