Sincere Compliments Are Gems Of Life

Sincere Compliments Are Gems Of Life

Sincere Compliments are Gems of Life. They boost our positivity and provide motivation.

Sincere Compliments

A sincere compliment can have awesome results.

Not only today, but many long years into the future

One simple compliment has had an awesome effect on me over the years. In the year 1955, Mr. Charles Townsend Sr. said, “Jerry, you are a deep thinker.” At nineteen years of age I didn’t receive many compliments—lots the other way. But that compliment stayed with me.

Through the years, I slogged through the mud, snow, heat and sometimes harsh training of life. As my peers complained, I wondered that they didn’t seem to understand the realities of this world—and the purpose of hardship and tribulation.

While I grinned and bore the problems and worked to prove myself, others complained about the loss of comfort. The cold, wet, heat, physical exhaustion and, as yet unfulfilled hopes were, to me, reasons to push on and prove myself.

I always kept in mind what the reasons and rewards were—the discomfort and physical aspects were set aside in favor of seeing the task well done.

I don’t know where your tombstone is, but I would have an inscription saying “Thank You Mr. Townsend.” Your words have echoed down through the years.

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