Raw Sauerkraut-Health-Energy


Raw Sauerkraut for Health and Energy and Happiness

Eat a Couple of Forkfuls Raw Sauerkraut Each Day for Your Health

Raw sauerkraut is a convenient, economical and fun way to insure your health and enjoyment in life. An ounce or two will help insure that your body and brain functions better. Raw sauerkraut can be eaten with any meal or by itself. It is a low-salt health food. Do a favor to yourself and eat Raw sauerkraut.

A few of the May Reasons for Eating Raw Sauerkraut.

  • Raw Sauerkraut Contributes to Strong bones.
  • Raw sauerkraut aids Digestion.
  • Twenty-Seven Reasons to Eat a Daily Forkful of Raw Sauerkraut
  • Raw sauerkraut helps build strong bodies, boosts the immune system, reduces stress,

    Eat some at any time

    It takes about 28-days to ferment fully

  • Raw sauerkraut is loaded more Probiotics than just about any other food.
  • Raw sauerkraut Also helps Regulate the Mood Regulation Chemicals in your

Making Sauerkraut is Easy and Fun:

  1. It is best to get nice big heads of cabbage that are ready to burst open—or have already burst open. Make your “Kraut” the same day as picked—don’t let the cabbage dry out.
  2. Remove outside leaves and cut into quarters. I leave the hearts in for flavor.
  3. Shred the cabbage. (if you are luck enough to have a sauerkraut cutting board—good for you.) Other wise just slice it into thin slices, maybe the thickness of a silver dollar.
  4. Sprinkle on a tablespoon of salt for each 5-pounds. Sea salt or pickling salt is good.
  5. Now get angry, or at least aggressive, and crumble, squash, smash or just press it so the salt will help get the water to come out.
  6. Press it into a jar, stainless steel pot—anything but aluminum.

Now It is Done and We Must Let It Ferment

  • The fun part begins. Sample this Kraut each day. Don’t eat all of it before all four stages of fermentation is through.
  • To make this in the kitchen, just let it set on the table—or in the corner for about 28 days. It needs pressed down each day. Try to keep the contents under the water. Add some water if you must.
  • If you are making a bigger batch, it is best to weight it down so it stays under the water. Cut a cloth, maybe a piece of old bed sheet or cheesecloth and place inside to cover the, about to be, kraut. I like to place a saucer, dish or other object on top.
  • Put a little salt into a freezer bag, add a little water and seal it.
  • Place the bags of water (they should not be too full, maybe ¼ the way.) All over the top so that no air gets in. No sense letting the mess dry out.

Feel free to Uncover and Eat Some at Any Time You Might Get Hungry


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