Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack

Raisins are a wonderfully healthy snack

Don’t discount those wonderful raisins as a valuable snack food. What a powerful food for powerful people with powerful minds.

Raisins are a wonderfully healthy snack

Raisins are a wonderfully healthy snack

Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack.

These tiny jewels are a mighty giant in the health-food world. Check out some of these great benefits that you get from raisins:

  • Rich in iron, B vitamins, potassium, and a host of other nutrients, including lots of calcium and micronutrients.
  • Relieves constipation, acidosis, fever and sexual dysfunction.
  • Stop loose stools and frequency of unpredictable diarrhea.
  • Have a positive effect impact on eye health, dental care and bone quality.
  • Widely used in cultural cooking–they add sweetness and flavor to dishes that would otherwise be bland.
  • Outdoors people love them because of their high energy value.
  • They pack more quick benefits than doughnuts or hamburgers.
  • Excellent part of a diet for athletes and body builders because of their many nutrients, minerals and other trace elements that lacking in our diets.
  • Good food for people who want to build muscle and not add to the love handles.
  • Builds healthy blood by helping the body to absorb other nutrients.
  • Alleviates hypertension by reducing blood pressure.
  • Shown to be useful for diabetics by helping reduce spikes in blood sugars.
  • Helps reduce the risk of cancers.

These fruits are high in calories like many sweet foods. However, they do not build flabby fat on the midsection like some other snack foods.
Raisins are slow to digest and don’t spike the blood sugars like doughnuts do.
They can be eaten as they come out of the box and they are travel-friendly. Toss them in your car, backpack, desk drawer or coat pocket. Storage is easy because they will stay for days.

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