Poems of Health

Are you looking for a little inspiration to your healthy lifestyle? Try reading some poems of health. Thinking healthy is one of the first steps to creating a healthy lifestyle!


I believe we all need an antidisgruntilator these days. It becomes easy to turn upset by words meant or not.


Automation has come a long way. Be it good or bad it progresses ever forward. As a matter of fact,


Assertive StatementsAssertive statements

Assertive statements can be powerful or dangerous even. As a matter of fact, we need to take care when making them.

White Man's DilemmaWhite Man’s Dilemma

The white man has a dilemma. He brought it on by his own complacency. He relaxed and made room for others to take his place and move over.


Energy is the drive behind all that we do. We must have it to keep moving. How do we get it? It comes from our food, drink, lifestyle and more.

Leveling The Playing FieldLeveling The Playing Field

Someone took my neighbors farm tractor. Came in the night out of sight. Stole it you might say just for leveling the playing field.