The Federal InvestigatorThe Federal Investigator

The Federal Investigator had the mysterious coin collector step forward and open the safe. There was a subpoena that stated that he must.

Big Bopper TwoBig Bopper Two

Big Bopper Two written for my writers group called “Focus on Fiction”. The thesis statement is, “it wasn’t so bad running out of fuel … until”.

Women's IssuesWomen’s Issues

There are different women’s issues that are faced today. These are my opinions on the matter. Some people may agree or disagree with my thoughts and that’s just fine.

Food For HealthFood For Health

Using food for health becomes an ideal choice for maintaining our bodies. The proper food can sometimes be the best medicine that we need.

Food AllergiesFood Allergies

Food allergies and food sensitivities are two different problems. Allergies can cause more severe symptoms and are more often life-threatening.

No Calorie CountingNo Calorie Counting

No calorie counting for this old goat. This practice of counting calories is not correct. Changing to a better way of eating is the right way.