Relaxed Player 101Relaxed Player 101

Learn relaxed player 101 rules. Be good to yourself. build yourself up. Don’t let others push you around. Relax and keep tension at bay.

Varicose VeinsVaricose Veins

The varicose veins that most people are concerned about are the unsightly blue spider web veins seen near the surface of the skin.

Weight ControlWeight Control

I believe that anyone can manage weight control by watching their eating habits. How you eat plays a big role in reigning in your mid-section.

Spice Of LifeSpice Of Life

You often hear the term Spice Of Life. It has a very understandable beginning. Spices traveled ancient trade routes in the quest for health.

The Federal InvestigatorThe Federal Investigator

The Federal Investigator had the mysterious coin collector step forward and open the safe. There was a subpoena that stated that he must.

Big Bopper TwoBig Bopper Two

Big Bopper Two written for my writers group called “Focus on Fiction”. The thesis statement is, “it wasn’t so bad running out of fuel … until”.