Milk, Cereal Grains and "Syndrome X"Milk, Cereal Grains and “Syndrome X”

It is only the opinion of an old goat who diligently studied the subject for 70 years, that milk and cereal grains do more harm than any other foods.

One Step Today For Good HealthOne Step Today For Good Health

Take one step today for good health. You can do it. Your health is in your hands. Don’t wait for somebody to move you. Get up and get yourself moving.

Super SaladSuper Salad

This robust super salad will feed an old goat for three or four days without going bad. It is full of vital nutrients and trace elements that nourish my body.

Fatigue And BurnoutFatigue And Burnout

Fatigue and burnout affects everyone sooner or later. Even an old goat like me can get fatigue and burnout if I don’t pay attention to my activity.

Anger ControlAnger Control

You must practice anger control. By controlling your anger you remain strong. Set the anger alive in your enemies. This is how you will defeat them.

Relaxed MusclesRelaxed Muscles

We must learn to have Relaxed Muscles. Muscles need to work together and take turns contracting for our body to move and function properly.