The Man's FoodThe Man’s Food

The man’s food is supposed to be the prime way to eat today. I find I become healthier and stronger by eating basic foods and drinking good old water.


Energy is the drive behind all that we do. We must have it to keep moving. How do we get it? It comes from our food, drink, lifestyle and more.

Not Going AnyplaceNot Going Anyplace

I am not going anyplace. This is my own declaration. I know the time will come for me to go. However, I will not go down without a fight.

The Melodrama Of Your LifeThe Melodrama Of Your Life

Everyone plays out a melodrama in their own lives. You and I are no different. We choose our players with care or with caution thrown to the wind.

Leveling The Playing FieldLeveling The Playing Field

Someone took my neighbors farm tractor. Came in the night out of sight. Stole it you might say just for leveling the playing field.

Lost HatLost Hat

Lost hat – the tale of my hat and its value to me. A hat seems like a small thing. It takes little space. However, its value is heightened by its uses.