Learn how I got to 80, healthy and lively!

Adrenal Fatigue From Lack Of Water

Adrenal fatigue can be caused by not having enough water in our system. Our body has many calls for water. Water is an essential element in life. Fighting Adrenal Fatigue By Understanding Your Water Needs I Have Learned the Benefits of Drinking Plenty of Water. I have worked hard, ran hard and traveled many miles through this…


Red Cabbage Sauerkraut For Health and Vitality

Red cabbage sauerkraut is loaded with the many nutrients that we need to prevent illness and to keep our bodies healthy into old age. A few forkfuls of this fermented red cabbage will provide several hundred types of probiotics that aid digestion. I will show you how to make Red Cabbage Sauerkraut in the comforts of your…

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