Olfactory Bulb

Olfactory Bulb

The olfactory bulb assists with the sense of smell. It can be found in the sinus cavity. As a matter of fact, this is where it does the job required for you to enjoy aromas. However, there may be times you wish you didn’t have it when the odors are not so good.

Olfactory Bulb

Operates sense of smell

Olfactory Bulb

In the sinus cavity above the mouth I reside

Away up under the ancient serpent brain I hide

Back out of harm’s way I sit

As I monitor each breath that passes


The primitive, oft called the serpent brain

Talks to the three modern ones layered above

Silently we monitor, but utter not a word

As we work to keep you alive


Also, the air you breathe is filled with little things

Tiny messengers that cannot be seen

Pheromones of love and sex

Also, smells of food and smoke

Warnings of dangers that threaten


Hard-wired into the brain along with

The sweat glands, testicles and gonads

That can cause hormones to run wild

And the lone wolf howls from miles away


However, in the modern world we learn to ignore

Exhaust fumes, drying paint and plastics

We cover much with perfume

Knowing if you stop breathing you die


We over power our senses

Too many smells and we get confused

And don’t know what to send or what it sent

Too many smells and sensations


Some four thousand chemicals in cigarette smoke

Must satisfy some long-forgotten purpose

Not my place to know what or why

I only send messages loud and clear


When the lungs hack and cough

Long ago you disregarded my message to stop


You must decide what to fear and what to avoid

Of the things that waft through the air


Please read: The Scented Ape, D. Michael Studdart

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