An Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe

An Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe

An old woman who lived in a shoe is the Healthy Old Guru version of the old fairy tale. I wrote this to express a better understanding of a healthy diet in a fun memorable way.

An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

Her children were so lazy that she didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t know that starchy foods

Would make them complacent and placid.

She fed them comfort foods and

They loafed around the shoe all day.

She had been told that red meat was bad.

Refined carbs was the way to go.

No one told her those quickly digested foods like

Refined carbs, starches, and sugar

Would caused them diabetes and heart problems

Her energetic son came home and said “Mommy Dear,

You’re feeding us wrong.

Farmer John says that we should eat high powered food.

Nutrient foods like meat and spinach.

He says that he feeds his animals

Better than you feed us.

He says that he could fatten pigs on the type of food that we eat.

But they would put on shabby fat.

Not good firm fat, but

Sloppy fat like our family has.

We should be eating things that give us energy.

Things that make us want to run and play.

Instead, we loaf around the house

No drive, no zip, no get-up-and-go.

We have a sugar high after breakfast.

And then a low energy period.

We need red meat, fish and chicken.

We need onions and leafy vegetables.

Enough with the starches and such,

We don’t need root vegetables.

No more cereal grains for us,

Go easy on the fruit and no sugars.

Would make would send them on a mental rollercoaster,

Would send their blood sugar into a frenzy of activity.

No one told her that those refined foods,

The manufactured foods the body could not understand.

One day she said to them.

I prayed for guidance.

This is my mandate and I am the boss.

We are making big changes.

I want you to be robust and full of life.

It is natural for you to be robust, energetic.

You will eat a diet of red meat, greens and unprocessed foods.

You will eat like your great grand-mother ate.

I will give you supper if you run around the shoe fifty times.

You may have breakfast if you work the garden.

They complained and squawked.

We don’t like food like that.

We don’t like the concept of working for our food.

“When you get hungry, it will taste very good.”

The hungrier that you are,

The better it will taste.”

No one ever said that food all food should taste good.

When your body desires food, you will eat.

Each meal need not be a sweetened taste sensation.

Eat your grub and feed the internal fires.”

Soon her children were running through the woods.

They ran and sang and chased butterflies.

And the world was happy and full of life.

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