Old Guru’s Prefect Fried Eggs

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Fried Eggs Should Not Be Burnt

  • Most fried eggs are burnt by too hot of a pan. They shouldn’t have nasty crisp scorched edges.
  • They should be fried at about 130o. If you have no thermometer just throw in a few drops of water. If the water spatters the pan is too hot. It is better to have the pan too cool rather than too hot.
  • Put in some extra grease if needed. I like to have extra bacon grease. If you need a little extra grease and don’t like bacon grease just add some olive oil or coconut oil. I like to use bacon grease because it already contains seasonings and salt.

How Long Does It Take to Fry the Egg?

Please be patient. After a minute or two you will notice the egg-white start to turn opaque. Within another couple of minutes, it will start to solidify.

  • When you put the eggs in it should take a minute or two before the egg whites show some signs of getting cooked.
  • My method is to fry my bacon, sausage or ham, then take it out and let the skillet cool to about 130o degrees. Back during my butchering years, I scolded pigs at 1400.
  • The perfect egg can be sunny-side-up, or over well—without being burnt. If you like a nice yoke to dip your toast in—you can have that too.

A perfect Fried Egg Should Not Be Scorched or Burned.

I like my eggs over-well and not have a burned shell of wasted egg all around.

I assume most folks who like their eggs sunny-side-up also want the whites solidified. One nice way is to have extra grease that can be ladled up on to them.

One nice aspect of frying egg at this temperature is—they don’t burn easily. You can be patient and not need to worry about them burning on the bottom while the top is not yet done.

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