Old Age Came to See Me

Old Age Came to See Me

This poem is about old age. It reminds us that old age is a gift and not a curse. If you are good to yourself, then old age will be good to you.

Old Age Came to Me

A stranger came knocking, knocking.

A stranger came knocking.

When unanswered—he hammered—

Ever louder—

And would not be denied.


Amid the silence that that ensued,

His message came loud and clear.

No room for uncertainty.


Ready or not—I am here.


You have done well, I declare.

You have lived a good life,

And have not sacrificed your health,

On the altar of pleasure.


I came for you, he said

And you have major adjusting to do


I am a friend—if you will let me be one,

An enemy if you treat me as such.

Be kind to yourself,

And the world

Will be kind to you.


Respect does come with age

Even old dogs are treated kindly

If they don’t bite the extended hand


Age begets wisdom,

And wisdom is universally respected,

Although not always appreciated.


You can’t roll back the years

And undo the past.

But in many little ways

You can alter the future.


You stand at the threshold.


You paid your dues—to stand there.


You can run and play

And you have leisure

To pursue the life’s little pleasures.


You live in a peaceful country.

Harm does not seek you.


Relax and enjoy the day.


A subsistence diet is all that you need.

Nutrient rich food and much variety.


Consider it not a sacrifice

To deny yourself certain pleasures.

Over indulgence is your enemy.

Inactivity is to be shunned.


Old age is not a disease.

But you must be prepared.


Don’t relive yesterday.

Enjoy today and let the future be.


Savor the flavor of today

And leave yourself—


Ever hungry  for tomorrow


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