New Food Sensations Modernist Cooking

New Food Sensations Modernist Cooking

I experience new food sensations with modernist cooking. As a matter of fact, they put this in to enhance food tastes and make food more pleasing to the taste buds.

New Taste Sensations Modernist Cooking

Gerald L. Kyle


Comes now a new intruder—into my food

And, into the realm of processed foods

Also, into the restaurants and supermarkets

Into my crackers, cookies and pies

Also, into the beans, rice, hamburgers and soups


The food chemists, in their delight

Have invented a new field called modernist food

Modernist cuisine—molecular gastronomy

Out with the old—in with the new


On the wings of taste sensations

Sweeteners, flavorings and enhancers

To delight my cravings

Also, to get me to eat more


All for our love affair with tasty food

With laboratory-worthy ingredients

Modernist cuisine, molecular gastronomy

Sodium citrate to emulsify the stuff

Sugar that pops in your mouth

Meat glue transglutaminase


With no regard for nutrition or health

Unbidden and unseen, they lurk

Like a snake in the grass they lurk

Three-hundred—and more

Of their kin

And we invite them in


Gold in them-thar hills

Out with the old

In with the new

Gold from basic foods


Mainstream chefs now embrace

And have appropriated

From their modernist brethren

These tasty delights


I shiver in anticipation

For what I might


Into my life

On the wings

Of delight


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