Your Necktie May Harm Your Brain

Your Necktie May Harm Your Brain

Neckties may cause brain damage. Your necktie should not be tight. Stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s diease may be caused by neckties. As a matter of fact, it occurs slowly without you ever noticing. Neckties affect brain health by limiting much needed circulation.

necktie may be causing brain damage

Necktie And Brain Health

Beware the handsome neck-tie

Behind its pretense of dignity and grace

It may cause your brain to atrophy

What about Dementia, Alzheimer’s and such?

And what other mischief


I like my neck-tie so fine

It makes me into a handsome dude

Like a gentleman of high degree

And it lends me some dignity


But sometimes in the quiet of the night

My brain sends signs that don’t delight

Hey Dude! Why do you choke me?

What’s with that thing so tight?


Life’s signals pass through the neck

The spinal column does too

Its delicate balance you impede

The life-blood that we need


That cursed thing gets tighter every year

As you age and your cheeks go slack

You surely notice the bulging neck

My oxygen and blood barely get past


At least loosen the rope so we don’t choke

Let the supplies and messages through intact

A small amount of strangulation can have

A mighty big impact


As it gently strangles my brain

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