Neck Ligaments Of Steel

Neck Ligaments Of Steel

Having Neck Ligaments of Steel is very important. Weak neck ligaments affect your health in a bad way.

Unhealthy Neck Ligaments Create An Unhealthy Body

Our neck is not just a pedestal for holding the head. Blood, nerves, food, air and the powerful brain all depend on us having a healthy neck. If we allow our neck to be fat, lazy and unhealthy we are asking for trouble.

The neck houses things like the Thyroid gland that sits astride the voice box, and many lymph nodes surround and straddle the ears. The tonsils and adenoids are part of the lymphatic system. Connecting these and other lymph structures, including lymph nodes, is a large network of lymphatic vessels. It is the job of the lymphatic vessels to transport waste products throughout the body to be eliminated. They also serve as a pathway for the movement of white blood cells to the site of infection. If the lymphatic vessels don’t drain, the tonsils and adenoids cannot eliminate waste products. (1)

If you have spent many long hours driving, doing computer work, sitting with children or, in general, just living, you probably need to pay attention to your neck and jaw ligaments. You should pay attention to the neck and jaw muscles too but that is for another day.

When doing the following movements, you might get the sensation of gravel rolling around in your neck. If so, that is the neck ligaments protesting after too many hours of loafing and getting tight.

Neck Ligament Strengthening Movements

These are not muscle building exercises. Muscle exercises are addressed under, Building A Strong And Healthy Neck, in another posting. These movements are for the benefit of the ligaments.

 Stand or sit with your shoulders relaxed.

With your head and neck relaxed and erect, move your head gently in very small circles, as if there was a tiny clock on the ceiling. If you have no pain, you might widen the circles. Be   gentle with yourself, you have nothing to prove, gentle, gentle, gentle.

Lay the head gently toward one shoulder. Now reverse and lay it against the other shoulder. Do this about ten times and see how it feels.

Strengthening the equilibrium

Now move your head all the way back and then all the way to your chest. Do this carefully and slowly. Do this ten times and see how it feels.

Now rotate your head slowly in one direction a few times. If you have no problems do it ten times in each direction.

neck ligaments are strengthened as you roll your head gently

As time goes on, you can do the movements faster and more vigorously—like get aggressive.

These exercises should be done several times a day, wherever or whenever you get a chance. Furthermore, do these to relax and be nice to yourself.

Caution—if you have bone spurs on your neck bones ask your doctor what to do. After he/she buys a new Cadillac with the neck bone cleaning operation, you might begin to do these exercises.

(1).Michael A. Schmidt Childhood Ear Problems. P.131

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