Milk, Cereal Grains and “Syndrome X”

Milk, Cereal Grains and "Syndrome X"

This is only the opinion of an old goat who has diligently studied the subject for seventy years. I think that milk and cereal grains have done more harm to the health of Americans than any other foods. They are the primary cause of the “Syndrome X” that includes heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and a host of other maladies. I haven’t drunk a glass of milk in about 60 years—if that needs mentioned. Also, I am seventy six-years-old and my only problem is stupidity—which may be permanent—milk and cereal grains can induce placidity but won’t cure that problem. However, I don’t have an ache or pain in my body and am on no medications—if this is bragging, so be it. My goal is to aid and abet others in health, happiness and longevity. Sincerely, Oldgoat (Read The Cleveland Clinic’s book on Healthy Heart and Lifestyle.

How Milk & Cereal Cause Syndrome X

This creamy white liquid that so many people seem to crave lacks the bacteria that you need. It has been pastuerized, strained, and stripped of what it had by the time it reaches the store anyway. What about the Vitamin D and Calcium you say? There are better ways. Spend more time in the sun to help your body absorb vitamin D. You find calcium lots of places. You don’t need milk to get calcium.


When I need to hydrate myself there is no better choice than pure fresh water. Spring water carries nutrition in the form of minerals and trace elements.


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