Mighty Greens, Greens for Energy

Mighty Greens For Energy

Mighty greens are greens for energy.They provide many vitamins and minerals. These powerful nutrients will provide strength for your whole body.

Green vegetables build strong bodies.

Eat greens for energy

Greens for energy

Busy people who demand a lot from themselves and their food need raw greens.
Don’t carry a messy salad that requires lot of chewing; take a small bowl of mighty greens. Raw green vegetables are a powerful food.

  • Supplies long lasting energy—lots of it.
  • Easy to digest and they do not cause gastric upset.
  • Doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes.
  • Travels well and does not need refrigeration.

These can be put through the food processor a few days before you need them.
They will keep for a week in the refrigerator. You can also freeze them in meal-size portions.

mighty greens for energy

Greens for energy

Mighty Greens Help When You Battle Stress

People who are in stressful careers need powerful food—food that drives energy. Food that does not cause sleepiness. You can demand a lot from simple green vegetables.
These combine well with unprocessed red meat—if that is in your personal menu. I avoid eating meat and starchy things in the same meal.
Put a half-dozen of your favorite greens through the blender and they will be ready to serve you—night or day. Add enough tap water to subdue them—to your liking.

Too Much Greens?

Mighty greens

Mighty greens for energy

One word of caution; tip-toe up on these powerful guys. Consume only a few ounces each day for a week or two. Too many too quickly can reduce constipation.

Within a couple of weeks you will be surprised at how much energy you have. Your body will feel clean and vigorous.

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