The Melodrama Of Your Life

The Melodrama Of Your Life

Everyone plays out a melodrama in their own lives. You and I are no different. We choose our players. Sometimes we do so with care. Other times with caution to the wind.

The Melodrama Of Your Life

In a thousand little ways

You set the stage

By the decisions you make

Right here and now

As you construct your little drama


You take unto yourself the personalities

And bring them into your theater

And you keep out those who don’t fit

As you hone this episode of life


Though you don’t call every shot

You do decide who will be there

You select those who play the role

That fills the script built into your mind


You set the scene

And select the characters

Clothe them

And populate the stage


Some people have constant crises

Nothing goes right

Life is a fight

They refuse to understand

They are the main character

In their little drama


Dumb decisions

And stupid mistakes


Stop, take a deep breath



Take a look at your world

Through the lens of a clear mind

Rework the script in your little play

For this moment and onward


Be nice to yourself

Strive to be a model of excellence

In your own life

And in your own mind

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