Eat Limburger Cheese for Health


Eat Limburger Cheese for Health. This often over looked cheese adds great nutrition benefits to your diet.

limburger cheese

Improve Probiotics And Healthy Gut Bacteria With Limburger Cheese

Limburger is loaded with probiotics that are necessary for digesting our food.

We can’t avoid processed food that is loaded with preservatives that kill the friendly bacteria in our intestines. Limburger cheese will add back the types of probiotics that we need, and it contains probiotics that feed the good bacteria.

  • Limburger can be bought in jars or bricks; but the stuff in jars has been largely killed and therefore not so beneficial.
  • Limburger cheese contains the same friendly bacteria that grows between our toes­. That is the smell that people, some people, object to. Our bodies host about 16 trillion bacteria on the outside, some friendly and some not-so-friendly.
  • This cheese has proteins that provide the groundwork for healthy muscles, blood, cartilage and skin. It also provides the major nutrients that you need.
  • If you have a problem with Limburger, Parmesan cheese is also loaded with nutrients.
  • Most cheeses are fermented and provide a wide variety of these important little guys that digest your food.
  • Avoid the stuff called “American Cheese Food Product.” It, by law, is not even allowed to be labeled as cheese. With the Holiday season coming up, try to stay away from the many commercial stuff that may be labeled as “cheese.”

If cheese “binds you up”, eat a smaller amount for a few months; your “innards” will adjust as your digestive system gets acquainted with the new probiotics–your immune system will thank you.

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