Leveling The Playing Field

Leveling The Playing Field

Someone feels the time has come for leveling the playing field. Are they a thief or a fighter for justice? Did they stop in their large task for a cool drink of water? It would appear that an individual felt the need for making things more even. The farmer fattens the livestock and the rich who buys his wares. His tool of trade was a simple farm tractor.

Leveling The Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field

Someone took my neighbors farm tractor

Came in the night out of sight

Stole it you might say—leveled the playing field

Someone has less and someone has more

No harm done you see


The corn won’t be planted

And the hay fields won’t be mowed

The greedy farmer won’t feed the wealthy now

And the cows are too fat anyhow


I don’t know the ethnicity of the perps

Nor gender, or purpose of the removal

Did it go to the homeless—poor damaged souls

Did ‘OWLs’ get their fair share


Yes sir-e-e, justice is done

Also, the Politician and Main Stream Media

Will celebrate for these underprivileged folk

Who don’t want to be in the 1% anyhow


The machine wasn’t a pretty thing

Has many uses you see

A nice artificial reef

To make the fishes happy


Maybe you need a good security system

However, it could have damaged them

Or lowered their self esteem

Might have driven them to drink, or drugs


My double-barreled-twelve would do that

It barks loudly and proudly

And with certainty, and finality

And costs frugality

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