Kimshi For Healthy Gut

Kimshi For Healthy Gut

I make kimshi that I eat to keep a healthy digestive tract. The digestive system needs support from a healthy diet.

Kimshi For A Healthy Digestive Tract

Collect some vegetables

Of various sorts

Don’t be concerned about

Being too fussy

The bacteria will eat and grow

On most vegetables


I will use carrots, celery, onions

Garlic, kale, tomatoes, broccoli

And various peppers—hot and not

A piece of ginger root

About the size of my thumb

And a tablespoon of salt


Cut them into little pieces

Use a vegetable chopper

If you like, but do not pulverize

The innocent victim


Now mix everything together and

Squeeze un-gently in your hands

Do so until the water runs out

Then squeeze some more


Stuff the whole mess

Into a quart jar

And tamp down gently

Until everything is covered with water


Tamp down each day

Try to keep everything

Below the water at all times

To avoid mold growing thereon


After a week or two—as you like

At room temperature

It is ready to eat

A spoonful a day is great

Not too much my dear


Will make your poop

A beautiful dark brown

As it should be

And this will make you


Real-l-l-y happy

Posit!: To your health

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