IS Water a Necessary Nutrient For Health?

Do most adults and children drink enough water?

Without enough water we die. Our bodies run on water and oxygen. We cam Live for weeks without food, but we need water every day. Without enough water, our bodies and brains will shut down. We don’t always know when we are thirsty but, as our bodies began rationing water, when we are in a water drought, we might get dry eyes. In today’s world, we are so busy that we do’t realize that our body is just thirsty. We just eat some food or drink some other beverage. If we just drink some coffee or caffeinated soda we might pee out more water than is in the

Should we wait until thirsty before we drink water?

As we proceed past adulthood our bodies still need an abundant supply of water.

I have learned that warm water is the nicest drink for me.A cup of water each hour works just fine for me. I now find it tastes better than coffee, tea or a sweetened and flavored drink. I found that if I drink a cup of water each hour my food digest well and I am more energized.

Our Body's Water Needs
Our Body’s Water Needs

Will other fluids replace water needs in our bodies?

Can A Shortage Of Water Cause Kidney stones?

I have read that every desert dweller has kidney stones. The job of our kidneys is to help keep our blood dilution at about the same consistency as the salty seas. We need salt and water to do that. If we don’t get enough salt we retain more water to keep that

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