Improve Your Sense of Balance

stand on one leg to improve your sense of balance

Improve Your Sense of Balance by following some of these tips.
Now, listen up, you old people.
(The hippy generation said, anyone over 30 is old.).


Improve Your Sense of Balance by Standing on One Leg

  • We don’t want to fall and break bones–nor get the pavement all bloody. Blood is hard to clean up, and we have a finite amount.

Improve Your Sense of Balance

  • We each come with a built-in gyroscope that keeps our head pointed toward heaven and our feet toward hell–the center of the earth. A baby is born with two fears: one is fear of falling, and the other is fear of loud noises. Training begins there, in the crib.
  • This gyroscope device is in our inner ears and tells the brain which way is up and how much the body is deviating from the horizon. We normally don’t need to ever think about which way is up––or which way is down.
  • With today’s lifestyles, we don’t get enough physical movement to keep our equilibrium, or sense of balance, in good repair. We set for long periods, and we don’t jump, run and swing from trees often enough to keep the central nervous system in good order.

Immediate Solution: Stand on one leg

Stand on one foot to improve sense of balance.

I have a simple solution to improve your sense of balance––stand on one leg. Any time you come to a stop––for any reason, stand on one leg. If you are pouring a cup of tea, opening a can of beans, standing in line at the bank, or brushing your teeth, stand on one leg. When turning the door knob, opening a drawer, or talking to a friend–stand on one leg. This will be wobbly for a few weeks but keep on trying, and within a few weeks, “Bango!” you will have it!

Building Strong Muscles From Head to Big Toe

  • Don’t worry if you can’t balance on one leg at first.
  • When beginning this practice, just remove some weight from one foot and keep your balance by keeping the other toe lightly on the floor. As the weeks go by you can lift the foot all the way off the floor.

Think about your head hanging from a star

 When standing on one leg, don’t concentrate on your ankle–your body doesn’t hang from the ankle. Put your thoughts on your skull–only. The ankle cannot bully your body around. Your whole body must be adjusted to be in balance, and centered on the ankle.


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