Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut


Hippocrates said that “All diseases begin in the gut“. Eating a nutrition-dense diet helps fight diseases.

Raisins and nuts are nutrient dense. A nutrition-dense diet helps fight disease.

Raisins and nuts can be a part of your nutrition-dense diet

To Stay Healthy we Need Good Nutrition

A lot of our food has few nutrients; many have been stripped to enhance shelf life and to look pretty. Much of this is necessary because of distance and the time it takes to get the food from the processing factories to your table. This is a real concern especially for young people who are building minds and bodies.

Good nutrition means eating a nutrition-dense diet

Nutrient dense foods are basic foods like unprocessed meat, onions, cabbage, celery, collard greens, red beets, good cheeses, sauerkraut, and various other fruits.

We Need to Avoid the Chemicals in Our Food

Good nutrition means avoiding the vast array of chemicals that come trundling in on our modern foods. Almost all processed foods have been preserved, usually with government approved antibiotics. These antibiotics kill the probiotics in our guts that digest our food. (This began in 1906¬†when the food industry got the camel’s nose under the tent.)

Hippocrates was right 2,000 years ago–and he is still right. Most of our health problems begin with our food. Now the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry add to the problem.

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