Healthy Sinus Cavities

Healthy Sinus Cavities

Healthy Sinus Cavities need kept up for breathing and hearing. Ears and sinuses can be kept healthy by not blowing mucus into them. Empty them by sucking out the mucus.

Healthy Sinus Cavities

Grunt Grunt, Hipocratic Hog


Unholy hog, brute in the pen

From where comes your knowledge

To empty my healthy sinus cavities and     

Open my Eustachian tubes

Teach me to grunt O’ worthy pig

Noble grunt, elegant grunt, hollow grunt

Learned doctors in priestly frocks

Pay homage at your gate

To understand your grunt

I ask no more, Kind Sir

This is another snoring abatement exercise.

Your mother taught you manners. She taught you to quietly swallow the mucus and fluids that drain into your throat. I will re-teach you what was natural for you as a child.

Grunting Like A Pig

Many of our sinus problems and inner ear problems would be solved if we would do our part in draining them. This can be achieved by grunting like a pig.

Open your mouth and make a pleasant pig-like grunt by expanding your cheeks and inhaling air. Next, close your mouth and do a similar task by drawing air in through your nose. This should be easy for most of those who have only a thin veneer of civilization.

Alternate the two noises and you should get a heavy vibration in the front of your mouth and than the same happy hog-like sensation in the rear of your mouth cavity. Get rhythm and it sounds like music, hog music.

When you blow your nose like civilized people do, you shove foreign material into these cavities. This “junk” stays there and clogs your passages.

Eustachian Tubes

The sinuses and Eustachian tubes become forced full of the stuff that should have been spat out or swallowed into the recycling pot of the stomach. Now these cavities become a nice place to raise various unwanted critters, like bacteria.

This is a good time and place to review the ear and Eustachian emptying exercises. A doctor from India taught me the following routine.

Reach across the top of your head with one hand and grab the opposite ear. Tug the ear toward your shoulder thereby stretching the neck and the Eustachian tube. Now blow gently until your ear pops. This is the Eustachian tube opening. Don’t try to blow the top of your head off, blow gently. Then you must swallow this air. By swallowing the air you will draw some of the mucus and other things out of the Eustachian tube and the sinus cavities.

If these areas have been jammed full of snot, which contains dead white killer cells and other debris, they may not want to clear with just one episode. You may be too late to expect to get the tube open with just one try. Don’t be afraid to do this little self-help task many times a day when you are getting a cold or after you have one.

Avoid Blowing Your Nose

Avoid blowing your nose like you do when snorting into a handkerchief. That is the opposite of what you want. Dummy.

This exercise can be practiced during a boring church sermon or a political speech that has gone too far. Not recommended during waiting for the kindly policeman to finish writing your traffic ticket.

Swedish researchers have found that humming can help maintain healthy nasal passages and avoid sinus infections. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2002; 166: 144-145

Dr. Mercola’s comment: In addition to its ability to elevate the mind and heart, it seems that humming has even more to hum about.

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