Healthy Outlook On Life

Healthy Outlook On Life

Having a healthy outlook on life builds you up. You feel more in tune with everything around you.

Healthy Outlook On Life

A healthy outlook gives you the opportunity to live your life to its fullest potential. You need not hold back or allow things to get in the way. Take a moment to breathe it all in and thrive in it. I wish to use my healthy outlook to help others thrive and live better.

Goat Perch

I have eaten from the garden of life

Ran into the wind and roamed the wild

I have labored in the sun

And laughed at the devil


Now as a healthy old goat perched on high

I look around and ask myself

How can I help others to be healthy

And enjoy the trip through life


Follow me up the mountainous trail

Do for yourself what others cannot do for you

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps

Stand tall and look the world in the face


Abandon the incessant quest for creature comfort

Learn to laugh at life’s problems

Linger not in despair nor moan the blues

Seek not the crumbs of life nor beg for charity


Be proud and strong

Make the world a better place

Your reward will be

In your life’s quality

Gerald L. Kyle


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