A Healthy Lunch for Active People

A Healthy Lunch For Active People

Active people need a well balanced healthy lunch. This sounds easy and it is. Basic foods are healthy foods. You can run and have fun staying healthy if you take care of your body. Here is a nice lunch.  It can be breakfast, dinner or a snack. This is a healthy combination of basic foods that will digest well. It has staying power, as my daddy said, “It will stick to your ribs for many hours.”

Healthy Lunch With Non-starchy Green Vegetables

These low starch green vegetables do not build fat around your midsection. This low cost chuck-roast that has plenty of fat for energy. The celery is a cancer fighting vegetable that has nice flavor and lots of fiber. The green peppers and tomatoes came from my freezer from last year.

A Well Balanced Meal

I was tempted to add some cheese for more fat for a sense of comfort, but decided that the chuck-roast had enough. Too much starch will make a person lethargic and lazy. I included fermented vegetables for good gut bacteria.

A healthy lunch for active people

A healthy lunch for active people

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