A Healthy Breakfast That Is Loaded With Nutrients

A Healthy Breakfast That Is Loaded With Nutrients

Always eat a Healthy Breakfast that is Loaded With Nutrients. This is the best way to start your day.

I am setting out to bringing new thoughts on healthy breakfasts—new thoughts for some people, but there is nothing new here.

Mom Believed In Healthy Breakfast

My Mother said “If you want to be healthy and do a good day’s work, eat a good breakfast. This was many years before the food industry re-invented our breakfast. When I was a young man the drumbeat of the food companies was just beginning.  “Eat Wheaties the Breakfast of champions.” Well, that was a long time before their newer concoctions came along.

Green vegetables and red meat and are my favorite breakfast foods. These should be augmented with various condiments, like horseradish, sage and any other herbs and seeds that are available. The main point here is to include a wide  variety of foods that might aid us in obtaining the all-important trace elements and micro nutrients that are so important to the function of the body.

Why Healthy Breakfast Is Important

Starting your day off with junk carbs and sugars may seem to give you a boost at first. However, you will crash and put yourself in a bad cycle of craving just the junk. A healthy start to your day that includes good vegetables, fruit and meat will give you longer lasting energy.

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