Gentle Overall Body Exercise

Gentle Overall Body Exercise

I prefer gentle overall body exercise. You don’t always have to use extreme workouts every day to stay healthy.

Gentle Overall Body Exercise

We don’t always have the time or place to indulge in our favorite exercises but we can quietly do certain exercises right where we are. I mean in the office, kitchen, church or while driving a car or truck.

This is toning exercise. Tonus is the muscle tension that is present when you are relaxed. Without this unconscious tension your body couldn’t be alive.

Mid-Section Exercise

I will begin with explaining a mid-section exercise that can help keep your mid-section from bulging.

Place one hand lightly on your navel, to call your mind to where you are exercising, and gently pull it in toward your backbone. Do this 100 times or as many as is comfortable for you at this time. Next, place your hand near your pubic bone and do the same thing. Then do it at the upper center of your abdomen. Move your hand to one side of the lower rib cage then the other side.

Do as many of these and as often as you think of it. No one present of nearby needs to know that you are working to keep your musculoskeletal system healthy.

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