Fruit Salad

Fruit makes a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snack. This can be prepared a day ahead of time and will keep well for lunch. If you add certain fruits like avocados and bananas, you will get discoloration, and you need to be discrete about when to add these things.

Here I use strawberries, three kinds of olives, and kiwis. Be sure to use olives that are seedless—otherwise you might bite into a seed—they are hard on the teeth. Apples, pears, blueberries—let your imagination run wild as you add deeply colored fruits to your diet.

One of my personal principles is that we should not consistently eat the same kind of food too often—like fruit every morning for breakfast. Our bodies thrive on diversities and we are more likely to obtain the necessary trace elements if we eat a wide variety of foods—especially raw foods.


We should not mix too many types of food at one meal. Many people have a problem digesting fruits, meats and starches when they are combined at the same meal. Most folks do not have a problem with non-starchy vegetables when eaten with fruit, but I like the concept of fruit by itself. A nice fruit salad can be a pleasure and is healthy.


When eaten as an evening meal it will let you sleep well and no bad dreams. Fruit will solve the constipation problems that many people experience—without laxitives.

This is much cheaper than a restaurant meal, it digest better and can be eaten on the run. The best part may be that you know what is in it.

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