Finding Your Career Path

Finding Your Career Path

Finding Your Career Path Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents, can be fun and vastly rewarding. You can soar to grand heights or you can grovel in the lower mess of yesterday.

Our brain and body-type—our hardware and software package—were long ago etched in stone. That is where each of us stands today. Finding Your Career Path. Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents.

Predetermined Career Path

When we set out to discover our strengths and our talents we must pay attention to what has been predetermined. Long ago events have preempted our feeble efforts. We are too late to make a beginning—we can only take it from here and make it work. Our talents and our strengths are etched in stone—cast in steel. We must work with—that which is here for us to use.

If you didn’t learn to play a violin or learn a foreign language by time of puberty you are handicapped in that arena. You will never be able to pick up the nuances—the tones, feelings, expressions and appreciations—they are gone for you … for all time. (2)

Did your mother have decent nutrition? Also, did she play the piano while carrying you? Did you have a difficult birthing? Was your early childhood a happy and loving time and place? Was a war going on? Did you get the proper nutrition? Who were your childhood heroes and who were your enemies? What were your early childhood hobbies?

“You couldn’t be an astronaut or a fighter pilot if you were raised on an omega-3-deficient diet,” (1)

With all this on mind, each of us have areas of strengths—and areas that are not so strong—which we might refer to as weaknesses. That is simply because they are not as strong as our superior areas. These weaker areas may still be strong enough to be of real value to us and the world in general.

Now, how do I find my latent strengths?

Most people never do find their inner strengths … they struggle forever in fields where they should not venture. Ask many questions of yourself—such as, what hobbies do I have? Who were my childhood heroes? What were my hidden dreams? Let your mind run wild and for a moment, ask yourself what your wildest dreams are.

Many people fall into an occupation that is not their first love, and then they build hobbies and other past-times work that satisfy these needs. This works well, but if you are working at the best job for you it will not be work. You will love the job, and the people—and they will love you. You will not want to quit at the end of the day.

If you are fortunate enough you may have developed a hobby or past-time that will grow into a loving career.

I now believe that I should have been a writer but no one ever told me that—in essence, I didn’t believe I had a license to do so. Many people, like the Marine Corps Headquarters paper-graders, gave me hints as I struggled to finish high school, but I never understood. Now at 79-years if age, I am learning this new career and I love it.

1.Liltman, who has found rhodopsin, the protein responsible for our ability to sense light, is much more active in membranes rich in DHA levels for neural membranes is conserved across a broad range of species,” he says. “The brain is exquisitely sensitive to slight differences in fatty acids.” P.1277. The Queen of Fats, Susan Allport

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