How to Ferment Garlic for Health and Energy

Fermenting Garlic for Health

Garlic is powerful health-food that we should eat every day. Thousands of years of history attests to the medicinal value of garlic. It has been fermented and used as a tasty condiment in everyday life. Even the finicky people can eat fermented garlic. Fermented garlic does not have the harsh taste of fresh garlic. This wonderful health food is economical and easily prepared right in our kitchens.Garlic is the food that adds flavor and only does good things to your body, health, and mind.


Eat Garlic for Health and Energy

  • Probably the most powerful and useful medicine the world has ever known.
  • One of the strongest cancer fighting agents in the natural world.
  • Helps cleanse the body of heavy metals. It help your body break down that build up in your system. Heavy metals can’t be avoided; they are even in the fish that we eat.
  • Garlic is one of the most detoxifying super-foods that you can eat.
  • Garlic can increase woman’s estrogen levels and strengthen their bones.
  • Prevention is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Fermenting Garlic

This recipe uses the same technique as fermenting sauerkraut.
I like to buy 1 1/2 pound bags from Sam’s club. It is peeled and ready to eat.

  • Remove any blemishes.
  • Place a half teaspoon of salt in the bottom of a quart jar.
  • Add a little water and shake to dissolve the salt.
  • Fill the jar 3/4 full of garlic.
  • Cut a swatch of lightweight cloth about 4 to 5 inches square and place it on top of the garlic.
  • place some Saran wrap type plastic on top of the cloth. Be sure to keep all garlic under the cloth and plastic.
  • Cut a large piece of the same plastic and drape it into the jar so it acts as a container.
  • Now fill the jar almost full with water. Add water onto the plastic. Put a little salt into the top water. The salt will make it about the same consistency as the brine in the jar.
  • Put a lid on the jar and set the jar into a pan. This is because it might want to escape.
fermenting garlic increases probiotic activity

Fermented garlic ready to eat!

This jar can be stored anyplace that is not too much above room temperature.
It will need twenty eight days to go through all four stages of fermentation.
You can start eating the fermenting garlic after about 6 days.
Be sure to keep all the garlic under water and it will not mold.
After all is said and done the fermented garlic will keep for at least 6 months in the refrigerator.

Ferment Garlic for Health
Health Probiotics in Garlic

Many Health Benefits of Garlic

  • Where do I Get Garlic?
  • What Kind of Utensil Should We Use?
  • Where Should We Ferment Garlic?
  • At What Temperature to Ferment Garlic
  • How Many Days to Ferment Garlic
  • How do I Prepare the Garlic and What Ingredients do I Need?

Where do I Get Garlic?

We are lucky today; we can even buy peeled garlic at our local supermarkets. The big-box stores sell bags of a couple of pounds of peeled garlic that make the task easy.

Do We Need Special Utensils to Ferment Garlic?

We can ferment garlic in jars, bowels, plastic containers or stainless-steel pans. Although the traditional fermenting vegetables was done in the old-fashion crocks—they are a relic of the past.

Where Should We Ferment Garlic?

We can ferment garlic right in our kitchen. Just leave it on the table or park it in a corner, or under the sink. If it is left on the table, you can sample it every day—it may be all gone by the time it is fully fermented. But that is OK because it will add to your health and enjoyment.

At What Temperature to Ferment Garlic

Room temperature (68 to 720) is good. Garlic is not too particular—avoid the extremes.

How Many Days to Ferment Garlic?

Garlic needs about 28 days to go to go through the four cycles of fermentation (One full moon.).

Please don’t be too concerned about the time period. It can patiently set in the corner for an extended time if you want.

The only concern is if it is not shaken-up every day or so, mold might form on top. To avoid the mold problem, you can weight it down with any object that will keep it submerged. One way is to put a cloth on top to hold all the cloves together; then add some weight on top of that. Some clever people even add a handful of marbles on top of the cloth.

How do I Prepare the Garlic and What Ingredients do I Need?

  • Wash the garlic with one-part vinegar to five parts water (5/1). Wash off all the vinegar, as vinegar is not conducive to good fermentation.
  • I just add a tablespoon of salt to each quart jar of garlic. Place a little the salt in the bottom to be sure that it is dispersed throughout. Any salt will do the job. I avoid table salt because it has been doctored. My favorite is any good sea salt. Don’t use too much salt—you don’t want to ‘pickle’ the garlic. Too much salt will keep it from fermenting.

Does Fermented Garlic Travel Well?

Yes, fermented garlic is a great traveler. It will keep for days in the heat of the desert or the cold of the camping trips. This makes a nice condiment to slice and put in sandwiches or salads.

This is one medicine that will lower your blood pressure or fight off colds. It is full of probiotics that help detox the body of all kinds of impurities—even heavy metals like mercury. Garlic even has a reputation of being a cancer fighter.

Be Nice to Yourself and Eat Garlic Every Day

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