Farm Subsidies

Farm Subsidies

Farm Subsidies consist of money paid to farmers and farming organizations. Supposedly, the money paid is for supplementing their income when prices are driven too low affecting the income of the farmers. Farm subsidies manage commodity supplies and influence the cost and supply of those commodities.

Farm Subsidies – Got Milk

Our government taxes you and me

And pays the farmers not to grow

And puts price controls on sugar and milk

Under which they may not go


And buys the excess butter and cheese

To keep the price up

And says it’s because the dairy farms

Are a national asset


Four billion dollars in cheese and such

Stored in caves in Missouri in nineteen eighty four

Aging and getting rancid

We must get it out the door


And they invented school lunch programs

Because children are sacred you know

We can say it’s to build strong bones

And heads and feet

And that’s mighty neat


We can dump tons of the stuff

And our lunches are better than moms

Because we are experts

Which no one can refute

Furthermore, we can pass more laws


Next, they fed the school children pizzas

And macaroni and cheese

Patted them on the back and told them

How strong your bones will be


The department of Agriculture created

The Dairy Farmers Corporation

And the clever mustache of milk

And the, “Got Milk” campaign

Drink it brother, drink it down


And this was a great success

Additionally, the consumers consumed

Also, the government paid

The farmers produced more


And the politicians said

Ah ha, what good things we do

We will take from the rich

And give to the poor

Vote for us

And we’ll give you more


And they raised the poverty level

To forty-and-four thousand dollars

And that got more people

Into the poverty programs

And they said

Oh you poor souls

Now we’ll give you free food


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