Evil Scientist

Evil Scientist

The evil scientist creates terrible poisons. The evil scientist created invisible poisons to attack the senses without ever knowing you picked it up.

The Evil Scientist

D.D.S. PhD. Olson said, “Holy catfish, Granny! Look at that gang fresh from Afghanistan!” Big Ben Von Olson and I sat in the old van and watched and waited. We knew that the Eastern Seaboard drug gang was meeting in the Kammer federal housing project in Youngstown.

Ben and I had spent endless hours over the last thirty five years doing covert surveillance work for the federal government. We were schooled on human habits at near the level of sublimation where the minds of all humanity blend into one giant world-wide mental web.

As a matter of fact, we had filled the lonesome and supposedly boring hours with our studies of the two sprawling mushroom root systems that spread over most of the Americas from The Cape Of Good Hope up across the Equatorial jungles or Brazil to the frigid slopes of the Arctic Circle—and all the way to Siberia.

We also marveled about the two ant-hills that cover the Continent of Africa. They are the Formicidae and the Hymenopteran (no relation to reality, because I forgot the real names.) They—like the two bee colonies that cover most of Europe, communicate via some underlying intelligence that permits the thousands of inhabitants to move as one when you kick apart the ant-hill.

Communicating Through Osmosis

Big Ben had said “These giant entities communities communicate osmotically—like drug gangs. What one knows they all know, they have an instinct for survival at some lowest level.”

Ben and I had studied under the tutelage of the school of psychology in Germany that the eminent Psychologist Carl Jung had fostered. His keen mind combined with near super-intelligence of his elite family gave us a distinct advantage over the gangs—we normally knew what they were going to do before they knew. We knew that the three human subgroups, the Asiatic, Occidental, and the Negroid, have a connective intelligence that lets them act in some world-wide osmotic manner.

This over-ruling mindset is what brought the drug traffic through the Interstate corridor and involved Youngstown on its way from Philadelphia to Chicago and the vast inland markets of North America.

On A Hot Summer Night

On this sweltering night of August, 17, 2011, we slipped past the shadows of the dying elm trees on Elm Avenue, and followed the new arrivals into the sleazy bar. We passed through the dense smoke and walked through three portals before we found ourselves in the lab. I knew what Ben was saying without him having said it, “Holy catfish Granny, look at that lab! Those high efficiency machines could fit into a mini-van and produce a huge amount of what-ever they were making!”

Working In Disguise

We had slipped out of our street coats and now wore our lab clothes. Next, we slipped through the lab like we belonged there. We had done our homework and knew the layout.  Then, we made our way to our assigned computer and put in our passwords.

Our mouths fell open when we saw the purpose of the operation. They could put powerful chemicals into the air that would make the law enforcement people complacent and lethargic. Also, it kept them smiling and non-caring. These were so powerful that they could be dispensed by driving past a donut shop, or just driving through town. We entered our super viruses and quietly left. In twenty-nine minutes they would destroy the whole file system and the computers of much of the drug world.

On the way back to the van I noticed a complacent smile on Ben’s face and he appeared lethargic.

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