Eat Raw Fruit For Breakfast For Energy And Vitality

Eat Raw Fruit For Breakfast For Energy And Vitality

I often eat raw fruit for breakfast. It not only gives me a good energy boost, but also provides vital needed vitamins.

Eat Raw Fruit for Breakfast for Energy and Vitality

After a lifetime of study and many years of experience I am steadily gravitating toward a plant based diet. I find that I have more energy, don’t have the roller- coaster highs and lows. I am never ‘Food Drunk’ as Thomas Edison said.

Our bodies work well on fruit for breakfast. We don’t all agree on what fruit is. Please let me elaborate on what a fruit is—botanically. Fruit is the things that have seeds. That includes squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, olives—especially black olives because they are so loaded with nutrients, tomatoes, peppers, and a host of the things that we all recognize as fruit.

A surprising number of long distance runners are basically vegetarian—even Vegan which eschews–I like that word, all animal products.

Making A Good Fruit Breakfast

One of my greatest delights was to find, after a few weeks that I looked forward to this refreshing breakfast. It is non-greasy and not loaded with starches—delicious. WOW!

Without going into elaborate recipes, I will tell you how to prepare a healthy breakfast of raw fruit. Take whatever fruit that you find and cut it into nice pieces, maybe an inch or so big.

Bananas, kiwi, oranges, cucumbers, olives—especially black ones, strawberries, blueberries, avocados, tomatoes—just add whatever you find. Shop with an open mind!

Prepare The Night Before

You can cut these pieces in the evening and cover for breakfast. You may permit yourself to sample a few pieces in the evening as they make for good sleeping. They make for good traveling and are easy to eat on the bus or plane. What is left from breakfast can be eaten for lunch. I find that this breakfast lasts many hours and I am not hungry until lunch time.

For further reading on this interesting project, read Harvey Diamond’s book Eat for Life. He has made a lifelong study of healthy eating and I have followed him since I was a pup.

Try This Recipe

1/3 an avocado, three slices of tomato, 3 slices cucumber, 1/4 an apple, 2 slices green pepper, slice of banana pepper, 1/2 of a kiwi, a handful of black olives from delicatessen, handful of raisins.

I use some all natural salsa sauce that we buy from Sam’s.

Add whatever you have handy–to your liking.

This breakfast will stick with you until lunch time and cost half much as a coffee latte.


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