Why Eat The Greens

Why Eat The Greens

You must understand that eating greens is important. All animal life springs from green plants. We get all of our basic nutrients, including a myriad of important trace elements like iodine, copper and salt from green plants. The little fish eat the plankton, the big fish eat the little ones and we eat the big ones. The cows and, horses eat the grass and we eat them—thereby getting the needed nutrients.

Our corporate farms feed the animals too much carbohydrate like cereal grains and even animal byproducts.
In today’s world, we may need to add basic supplements like iodine to our diet in order to prevent thyroid problems. We can get these from the basic green plants—if we eat the buggers.

Greens and why you should eat them

Why Eat the Greens

The great world of greens will lend body and soul

To aid and abet our quest for healthy eating

Loaded with cancer fighting phyto—nutrients

These lowly greens launched all animal life

Long time ago


Packed with energy, not starches and sugars

No calorie counting is needed

Heart healthy and cholesterol friendly

They help build strong bodies, muscles and bones

And lower blood pressure


Packed with trace elements too numerous to name

Tiny natural combinations take place in chewing

Medical science is beginning to notice

Also our hundred billion cells cry for these

Additionally they each await

And hope that we drink from

This Holy Grail


Lurking in the produce section of our market

These denizens of the land of plenty

Misunderstood and shunned as unprofitable

By the processed food industry


Abandoned by the public

In favor of taste sensations in each bite

All food must be sugared, flavored and texturized

Two chews max, and it must slide

Down the hatch—value be damned


If we want to regain a healthy nation

We must return to a healthy diet

On greens we can depend

To keep us healthy

And be our medicine


Minimally cooked, on low heat

Preferable raw, is best to eat

As natural as we can obtain

Our health to sustain

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