Eat The Avocados For Health

Eat The Avocados For Health

Avocados should be eaten for health. This is a high resource for omega 3s and amino acids. Also, it is considered to be a source of protein and fiber as well.


Fear Not the Healthy Avocados

Fear not the mighty avocado
With its tough skin
And one seed
And powerful reputation

With the essential amino acids
And health-promoting omega 3s
Classed as a protein food
And good for PH balance diet

With a sharp knife cut in
Through the skin
And all the way around
Against the seed

Grab with both hands
And wiggle each half a little
For ease of separating
From the seed

With a sharp spoon
Remove the tasty treat
It’s also good to eat
From the shell

To make it pretty
You may slice the thing
Into sections
Like a tangerine

Many ways to eat it
May be mixed
With onions and such
Made into that awful sounding
Stuff called guacamole

This wonderful fruit
Will help you sleep well
If ate late
As a snack
In the shack


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