I Will Dig No More Ditches

I Will Dig No More Ditches

I will dig no more ditches shows you a tale of enjoying what you do. As a matter of fact, I continue to do what I love. Also, I try to take care of myself. I hope to teach others to do the same to live a long healthy enjoyable life. In Dig No More Ditches I try to portray how I feel about enjoying life. Sit back with a glass of cool water or a healthy snack and pause for a moment to contemplate the enjoyment of life.

Dig No More Ditches

No More Ditches to Dig

I will dig no more ditches

My pick and shovel I lay aside

As my seventy-eighth birthday beckons

I tire too easily


With mighty swings of the pick

I delight as it bites into the hard earth

To watch the dirt leave my shovel

As it hurries to the growing heap


I find pride in a good ditch

Sides that stand proud

Bottom that speaks with dignity

I will do the job

That you want done

And repay many times

For your labor


Would my ditch listen

I would say … Labor?

I lovingly dug and heaved

No labor to acclaim


Others work hard at playing

Golfers, tennis, weight lifting

They get no more satisfaction

Than this lowly ditch digger


I’ll fawn over my pick and shovel

By themselves in a forgotten corner

Surely they must have emotions

And pride in a job well done


I don’t cast them aside

Like a worn-out-shoe

They will be oiled

And protected


Over the years ahead



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