Diet For Strong Bones And A Healthy Body

Diet For Strong Bones And A Healthy body

What do I mean by a diet for strong bones and a healthy body? I am not asking you to make sacrifices and to endure discomfort and suffering. Healthy eating is fun and does not cost as much as medicine—and pain.

Diet for Strong Bones and a Healthy body

It doesn’t matter where you are or what is your state-of-health. This moment is yours to launch your future. Your health, happiness and vitality can be influenced by the choices that you make in your diet starting now. Yes I mean right now.

  • The doctor cannot give you strong bones. However, the medicines can surely weaken your bones.
  • They are the result of an all-around healthy lifestyle.
  • Strong bones, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are a matter of choice.
  • Nutrient-dense foods are your first defense against most of life’s aliments.
  • Brittle bones quite often caused by modern medicines.
  • Modern medicines are frequently inappropriately used.
  • Fragile, brittle or weak bones can be caused by not getting the proper nutrients from your diet.

Nutrient dense foods will normally supply all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are necessary for your body to build and maintain healthy bones.

Organic Vegetation

Organic vegetation raised in good dirt provides the best choice. Also, eat raw when possible. If you can’t spare the time to chew, or if your teeth don’t like all that chewing, there is a wide array of vegetable cutters on the market. (More on salad cutters later).

You can even juice the hapless little devils although I don’t like the thought. Your teeth, face, tongue and gums need the vigorous massaging of chewing rough vegetables.

Digestion Begins In The Mouth

Digestion begins in the mouth when the food mixes with saliva. Also, The Cleveland Clinic Healthy Diet and Lifestyle cookbook says important combinations of phytonutrients takes place with the chewing.

I don’t like the word “salad” because people tend to think of a salad as iceberg lettuce with a few pieces of tomato and perhaps an olive thrown in and some commercial dressing slathered on.

Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli and cabbage are warehouses of the nutrients that you need.

Raw Greens

Eat raw greens with every meal. People who are concerned about the inappropriate mixing of foods don’t need to worry about greens. They digest easily, don’t cause blood sugar spikes and take hours to break down—you won’t be hungry for hours.

Don’t rely on dairy products—not even milk, vitamins, minerals, supplements or special formulas to get the nutrients to keep your bones healthy. Go to the source that has kept us healthy for eons of time.

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