A Cool Summer’s Drink

A Cool Summer's Drink

A cool summer’s drink is what you need to keep you going on those hot days. Start with fresh cool water and try adding some of the things in the poem below. Be adventurous and try something new. Experiment with different match ups. See what you like best or have something different every day.

Cool Summer’s Drink


We all like a cool summer’s  drink.

One low in calories,

And high in satisfaction,

It cost little.


A way of getting trace elements,

Into your diet,

In this busy world,

When nutrition might be uncertain.


Cut one lemon into a few pieces.

And do the same with a lime,

Or an orange;

And a cucumber too,

Or whatever is available.


You can add a sprig

Of mint or some such thing,

Many fine tastes

Can be discovered,

If you look around.



Place these in a large jar

Fill with water

And drink

As you please.


Refill as needed


On a hot summer’s day

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