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Why the Modern Cowboy’s Have Heart Failures

A robust and healthy young friend died while driving home after a long day of construction work. He just died while driving home home. We all know the story did not begin there on the way home. He spent too many hours working at running equipment, and not enough time taking care of his body.

  • People who accomplish a lot need to keep physically active.
  • If you are strong and healthy, you need to work to stay that way.
  • Men love to work, but don’t see the need to care for themselves.
  • We need to give ourselves hourly breaks.
  • You won’t miss your health until it’s gone.

Running Heavy Equipment is Dangerous to Your Health

Moving dirt, concrete, and building highways and buildings is fun but: the human body needs to be cared for too. Shut that machine down after a good amount of work, and give your body some much needed movement. If you can’t leave the cab for fear that other equipment will smash you, at least give your human machine some activity. Jump, yell, make fists, tighten and loosen your leg muscles. Do something for  your own health.

Make those Abdominal Muscles do a Few Minutes of Movement–They will Love It

When all is said and done, you too can get a chance to drive on that new highway–if you take good care of that horse that works for you. You can point it out to your wife, and say, “I built that.”

Otherwise someone else will do you the honors; in your place.

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