Constipation And Health

Constipation And Health

Constipation can be a miserable thing. You want to make sure that your digestive system functions at its best. When you eat right and stay hydrated it helps to avoid constipation in the first place.

Constipation & Health

Why does it plague me

What should come to pass so easily

What goes in must come out

Is easier said than done


My colon is where things are stored

And the final processing of food occurs

About two feet long

And big enough to hold

A few days of happenings


When things are working properly

It needs no thought

Nothing except that occasionally

A portion at the end needs moved out


It begins on my right side at the appendix

Ascends a few inches and transverses

All the way across to my left side

And then descends to my rectum


The reason it crosses my midsection

May be to get aid from my physical activity

Walking, bending, breathing or raising an arm

All these movements massages the colon

And helps to keep things moving along


If the call of nature isn’t answered

To eliminate some of the movement

The colon will expand

And the bowel movement

Will have effectively taken place


This job may be accomplished

Several times a day

As some experts say

Or less often will do

But a pattern should be set


We will talk later

About food and water


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