Chicken Broth for Health

Chicken Broth for Health

How to make chicken broth

I bought a big roasting chicken, (not roosting). Put the whole thing into a big pot. Threw in some salt, pepper corns, bay leaves, five heads of garlic, celery (my wife wouldn’t let me have all of the celery.) Put your favorite spices and herbs into the pot so that it can be used for lots of different dishes. Now put in two gallons of water and simmered it for six (6) hours.

The value of chicken broth

My goal is to get the Chondroitin in the joints for my joints. I have read that the healthiest eating at KFC is the chicken bone gristle in the dumpster.

How to save the broth

I then threw out the chicken. Then I froze the broth in ice cube trays (again, my wife forces me into having my own trays—no sense of humor, that one.) and stashed it into the freezer for my spring and summer daily nutrient supply. Two cubes a day. Helps keep the old goat healthy.

Uses of chicken broth

Chicken broth can be a nice flavoring and a healthy additive for many dishes. If you want to use this for fighting colds and sore throats just add a whole bunch of hot peppers.

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